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Turning Point Conferences


Changing a nation starts with a Mind Shift revolution. The bane of our problem is our negative mindset as individuals, communities and as a nation, which influences the way we think and the actions we take. This pervasive negative mindset has created myriad of problems such as lack of visionary and purposeful leadership, bad governance standards, loss of good value systems, corruption etc.

However, if we succeed at re-orientating the citizens with a view to making them develop positive and progressive mindsets, it would put us on the road to meaningful and effective transformation of the country for sustainable growth and development. The changes we wish to make have more to do with how we think than what we actually do, because thinking patterns ultimately influence actions. Hence, the reason behind the theme for this year’s conference – MINDSHIFT: CREATING NEW POSSIBILITIES.

MINDSHIFT will reveal how we can overcome stereotypes and preconceived ideas about what is possible for us to learn and become as well as show us how we can uncover and develop talents we did not realize we had - no matter the age or background. Most times our biggest obstacle can be our own preconceptions, but with the right mental insights, we can tap into hidden potential and create new possibilities. The time for a MINDSHIFT is NOW.


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